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Furnace Heater

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Global TechSolutions refurbishes a range of tel furnace heaters models. We restore to mint condition with full functionality and extended life-time. Let us understand your needs, requirements and what type of furnace heater model is most suitable. Contact us for more details.

Upgrade – Furnace Heater

Refurbishment/ Overhaul – Furnace Heater

Replacement – Furnace Heater


• MICA Heater • BOH Heater • TEL Formula Heater • TEL Alpha 303i Heater • TEL High Temp Heater -VMU-54-001 • TEL Mid Temp Heater -VMM-56-002 • TEL FTPS -VOS-56-002 -VOS-56-003 -VOS-56-101P • Torch Heater -1187-149792-12 -1187-149702-13 -1187-149702-14 -1187-146257-15 -1187-146257-16 • ZESTONE -Z3B -Z5B • QUIXACE -QL -QHT -QLN -QLV -QMN -Q2LN -Q2LV • VCM-50-006L