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Model : TELINDY-Plus

Product description:

TELINDY PLUS™ is the industry’s premier iso-thermal large batch platform for oxidation, anneal and LPCVD deposition which are at the core of semiconductor manufacturing. TELINDY PLUS™ incorporates the pinnacle of hot wall reactor technology and enables superb film quality while maintaining the ultimate in process control and run to run stability. Additionally, TELINDY PLUS™ is designed with all of the essential architectural design features which maximizes wafer throughput per square foot. Since its introduction, TELINDY PLUS™ has continued to evolve in capability featuring increased wafer batch sizes and expanded process applications for low temperature ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) and plasma assisted deposition (TELINDY PLUS™ IRad™) required by ever shrinking device structures, thus supporting the leading edge in device manufacturing.